Last day in Singapore and back to Jakarta

Singapore day 4 and end of our holiday

Since we were so tired from the previous night, we started our activity a bit late. At around 10 am we were off to experience Little India, La Salle building, Bugis area and Arab Street. Since it’s raining and we had a flight to catch at 7.25 pm, we just went back home after that. Mussa and i got some souvenirs from those places.

What upset  us was there’s no Halal restaurant we could find in around Bugis area, either Bugis junction or nearby. Only 1 restaurant we found, and it’s indonesian. So we just went back home instead.

It was actually my mistake that we were late for check in. The bus number 36 stopped at Terminal 3 at Changi. We finally found out that Jetstar airways was at Terminal 1. So we needed to take skytrain to take us there. The problem was, i didn’t put on my belt and i lost my weight a lot, and had a very heavy backpack on my back, so i couldn’t run fast. I just let Mussa ran ahead of me to get to the check in counter. Hufff, we made it anyway. Thankfully we didn’t take Tigerair, otherwise we were left behind.

We arrived at Soekarno-Hatta safe and sound but very exhausted at around 8.30 pm. It was raining. Our plane got into the storm right before landing. And it was terrifying for me.

I arrived at home at 11 pm.

Thank God for everything…

that’s my friend, mussa, taking picture at La Salle building


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