sherlock holmes the movie

(picture taken from here)

Frankly i am not a big fan of this character, i can say this movie is a good one. i think the casts represent the characters from the books suitably.the casts are Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as Dr. John Watson. well however, i think mr. Downey Jr. is a bit too masculine for Holmes while mr. Law is too sexy for Watson. but of course these extraordinary best friends cannot be played by an average actors. so they’re quite acceptable.

the setting fit the imagination of the readers i guess. but what i love the most from this movie is the score music. it’s…mmm, how to describe it the best way ya?….cheerful, energetic, classic in the same time. it’s good.

what surprised me the most was the presentation of the relationship between Holmes and Watson. it’s so rich of humor in the movie while in the books things seem always to be more serious. i didn’t know that it suppose to be  that way, the interpretation of their relationship. so, that’s very interesting for me.


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