james cameron’s Avatar movie

(the picture taken from here)

my first comment for the movie was “Coool!” The visual effect was so crazy good. however, the idea of the story was quite simple: human race as “the alien” to a planet called Pandora somewhere out there beyond our galaxy.

the conflict is about a human corporate that mining the earth-like planet for its very valuable mineral called unobtanium. they bring along military for physical force, while Dr.Grace was a biologist studying the life and organism in that planet and also building a good relationship with the indigenous people called the Na’vi.

the Avatar is what the Na’vi called as the “dream-walker” because the human transfer his conciousness into and use a Na’vi body in full control to dwell on that planet and study the Na’vi right from the core. well, it’s quite hard for me to explain about it in detail.

so there’s this corporal jake sully, a diffable marine, with his avatar as the main character in the movie. he was involved in the project because his twin brother who was suppose to be in that project was killed. so they summoned him instead. and dr. grace thought of this idea as a mistake, which she thought the other way at the end.

so jake met neytiri, the daughter of the Na’vi leader. and she was instructed to be his personal trainer. they trained jake to be the real na’vi….and of course, as you can guess, jake finally fall in love with the forest, the people, and …ahh, i’m not giving a spoiler here.

finally, i can say that this movie is very worth watching…and will be more exciting to watch it in 3D format.


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