a visit to grage mall

grage mall is located on jalan tentara pejuang pelajar, cirebon, jawa barat. it’s a 4,5 hour journey by car from jakarta.

this mall is gonna have its facade renovated so we went there for a small inspection.

the mall itself is not very big for jakarta standard, but i think for the scale of small city like cirebon, it’s enough. only 3 storeys and the mass of the building is generally tubes, curves and cone. well, what inside it (stores, parlors, and restaurants) are just the same as ones you can find in any malls, nothing’s very special.

one thing i don’t like about this mall is its design. the plan drawing is dominated by circles and curves, make the metric a bit difficult because the measurement use circle and curve formula (radius, degree bla bla bla). the plan drawing shows that the shape of the building may be taken from the shape of a bird, with two wings and a circle at the center as the head and a curve shaped as the tail at the back. i gotta tell you this shape is a bit complicated to be redraw, especially to generate it into 3D image.

further more is the design of the facade. it’s obviously a copy of pondok indah mall in jakarta. i really hate it. i mean what an architect designed it by copying another design?

that’s why i straightly refused when my engineer asked me to design the new facade just like fx sudirman. God…i won’t do such a thing ever!


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