movies i want to watch soon

the last movie i watched was Sandra Bullock’s “All About Steve” on dvd. well, i laughed here and there but generally there’s nothing special about the movie. i don’t even think it was sandra bullock’s best performance. she played as a freak girl who works as a crossword consultant for a newspaper. the whole movie tells about how the sexy steve (bradley cooper) has made bullock got really obsess of him after their lame blind date.

(picture taken from here)

before watching this one, i watched another bullock’s movie (which later brought her to win the Golden Globe award) “Blind Side”. different from the movie above, this one is a very good movie. taken from a true story of Michael Oher whose life had altered from a homeless boy to one of US NFL’s greatest player since he was adopted by the Tuohy family.

(picture taken from here)

and last night while i was watching a korean channel on tv, i saw a movie trailer where Robert Pattionson (the edward cullen) played as Salvador Dali, the famous Spanish painter. i found it a bit strange seeing Pattionson played as Dali, especially when he got the Dali’s funny whiskers. the movie title is “Little Ashes”. so i searched for more info on Google and Youtube about this movie. well, despite my disapproval of Pattinson playing Dali, my desire to watch this movie is so big. my friend said it’s a good movie.

(picture taken from here)

two othe movies i really like to watch are the musical “Nine” and the Paris-J’taime-like “New York, I love You”. different from “Little Ashes” which is not yet on theaters here in jakarta, both movies are already played and the reviews are mostly good.

(picture taken from here)

(picture taken from here)

ahh, there’s another movie i’m curious to watch. it’s a Bollywood movie played by Rani Mukherjee and the legend Amitabh Bachan. the title is “Black”. the movie is partly taken from a true life story of Hellen Keller, a blind-deaf-mute woman. i saw the trailer on (again) a Korean tv shannel.

(picture taken from here)

well “Legion” actually interests me, but i still have to think several times before watching it, since it’s a horror movie.

(picture taken from here)


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