the red meat free zone

i never call my self as a vegetarian. whenever people ask me, i always tell them that i don’t eat red meat. no beef, no goat, no ox, let alone pork or bacon. some of them will respond with a question of “why” and some others will just say “Ohh.”
for the “why” question is a bit hard for me, because i myself never know exactly why i don’t eat red meat. so far as i can remember, i never like red meat since i was little. well i did eat, but never preferable. growing up into my teenage life, i stop eating red meat but still have a desire to eat meatballs, beef burgers, sausages, and still tolerate some soups (though i don’t eat the meat).
as time went by, reaching my late teenage life, my olfactory sensor seemed to be more sensitive. for me all kind of red meats smell like the animal themselves and their smell are a lot similar like human smell. just so disgusting for me. so it’s been years i’ve never been tasting any red meat and cannot even stand for smelling and seeing it.

within the vegetarian types, i found out that i’m a pollo-vegetarian, because i still eat poultry like chicken or duck, even though they’re not preferable for me.

so, there are many types of vegetarians:
1. vegans: avoid any product of animal, for food and sometimes even for other things as well.
2. lacto-vegatrians: still tolerate milk, but not eggs. sometimes even avoid other dairies.
3. lacto-ovo-vegetarians: tolerate both eggs and dairies.
4. pesce-vegetarians: eat fish
5. pollo-vegetarians: do not eat red meat, but tolerate eggs, fish, dairies.
6. flexitarians: mainly eat vegetarian food but occasionally make exceptions.

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