julie & julia … an inspirational movie

(picture taken from here)

i borrowed this movie from a friend last week, but could not manage to watch it until last night. the title was “Julie&Julia”. i heard it from the golden globe event a few days ago, about meryl streep was nominated (or won?) for her act in this movie. so i bet it’s a movie worth watching.

the movie is taken from two true stories about two women lived in the two different times. what makes them connected? the answer is cooking.

julia child was famous for her cooking book titled “Mastering the art of french cooking”. the movie tells us about julia’s time in paris in 1949 when her husband and she had to live there because paul, he husband was assigned by the US embassy to work in paris. julia who loved food and fell in love in french menu, finally decided to take a cooking lesson in Le Cordon Bleu cooking school. she went through ups and downs together with her loving husband…until destiny brought her to meet two cooking book writers. julia who never at first thought to teach a cooking a lesson or even write a cooking book, finally realized what she really wanted to do in life after being a good wife for paul.

the most interesting thing about julia’s character was her high pitch voice and her “almost-giant-but-charming” figure.

about almost 40 years later, julie powell, a common wife who works full time in a government service and finds cooking as her entertainment, started to publish a blog titled “julie/julia project”. this project is for her to cook 524 of recipes taken from julia’s child phenomenal book in 365 days. she went through hard times in friendship, carrier and even marriage life within her project. until she finally realized what it all meant for her.

i rise my two thumbs up for this movie. i really like every aspect of this movie. the main idea, scenes, characters, massages, and many other things. but above all, this movie is very inspiring. i think i have a lot of things in common with julie powell character, except that she is married. she really wants to be a writer, and so do i. she finds cooking as relaxation and entertainment, i do too. she put her ideas into a blog and struggle to maintain her writing, voilla…i don’t have to tell.

the interesting thing about julie powell character was that she is just as common woman as we are, but she knows her value and has a clear thought about what she wants to do then perseveres on what she does. that is very inspirational for me.


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