the blackjack for brainy

i forgot to make a review about this movie “21” that i watched a few weeks ago. so here i begin.

my friend recommended me to watch this movie and gave me the copy (in divx file if i’m not mistaken) on my birthday, last january 21st. but i had not watched it until a few days later.

(picture taken from here)

21 is about a bright young man, an engineering student of MIT who was accepted in Harvard Medical school, the dream of his life. with gpa of 4 and many achievements, his only problem was the money of $300,000 to make it all checked. so he needed this Robinson scholarship but he got to impress the board with his essay. during his struggle, his professor, Mickey Rossa, offering him a business deal: counting cards in blackjack game in vegas. at first Ben Campbell refused it. but since one of the 4 people in the team was the girl he had been crushed for along time into, Jill, and that girl persuaded him to join the team, he then finally did it. this counting cards, though is not illegal, is a system that can break the vegas system so the team had to work carefully and smoothly under the radar. how cool it is to watch a gambling game played with and beaten by simple math theories.

the movie is entertaining and full of trick, though nothing’s really special. i didn’t see kevin spacey’s best act here, while jim sturgess is so cute (hahaha) that it distracted me from giving an objective review. and also, unfortunately, the movie didn’t really show how bright Ben’s brain is. i mean, except his “told” gpa of 4 and a bit impressive argument at class, we mostly see him as a person with strong memory. well, for me strong memory does not always mean hand in hand with brilliance. i mean, the movie even didn’t really show how he counted cards on the blackjack tables.

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