make my own salad

as many people know, i love veggies. this morning i decided to bring fresh salad for my lunch. but we don’t have many choices in the fridge, so i just took red tomato, lettuce, and cucumber. carrots and beans were also there, but i thought they would just ruin the taste.

so i cut the 3 veggies into small cuts. mix them.
then pour a little salt, less sugar, pepper (these three must be balance with the proportion of the veggie) and have a quarter of lime, get the juice and pour it into the veggie mix.
mix them once more

and my salad is ready!

it’s so fresh. the salt and sugar give the salad a taste, you know veggies are tasteless and you won’t taste the salt and sugar in each its own taste. the lime juice doesn’t come out very sour, it’s balanced by the sweet taste of tomato. and the pepper will leave a warm feeling on your throat.
this salad is gonna be watery, so if you want to add other veggies, make sure they fit it.


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