kimchi for sanity

It’s just another let-it-flows day for me.

recently, i got so tired of scheduling my day since most of the times, everything seemed to end  in a completely different situation. it just my head seems not to be able to bear anymore loads of thoughts in there and it makes me powerless. so, i feel as a complete human now, by letting the faith leads me the way, by expressing my emotion without further thinking, and by thinking that maybe i’ll turn to be a lunatic if i lose the whole control of my own life.

so, i got this idea of making kimchi tonight, the traditional korean food. Yeahh, cooking is a new hobby for me. i just realized that cooking has turned out to help me find a little peace and happiness. well, however, the case of whether my cooking is good or not is another issue.

back to the kimchi thing. i had found the recipe from the intenet the day before. so i asked my mom to add the white chicory, carrot, and white radish into her shopping list before she went to the market yesterday. and my part is to find the chili powder and kimchi sauce at the supermarket, which i haven’t searched until now. i don’t know whether i’m gonna find them or not this evening, but i will still keep on my plan to make kimchi tonight.

i’m gonna tell you the result soon.


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