kimchi and a happy face :-)

There i was in the kitchen in the middle of the night making kimchi.

Seriously, i couldn’t believe myself that i was gonna do it for real. This making kimchi thing is actually my effort to release my stress but eventually i ended up looking like a stressful person, making noises in the kitchen while everyone else was already sleeping.

Right after wacthing my favorite TV show, HEROES, i went to the kitchen and make the preparation. I already had the salted chicory that had been prepared for around 2 hours. I opened the fridge to take out the radish, carrot, leek, and ginger. And took out garlic, onion, flour, fish sauce, chili powder, salt and sugar from the kitchen cabinet.

Then I followed the instructions written in the recipe. I sliced the radish, carrot, and onion in thin pieces. The leek as well. I washed cleanly the salted chicory and then grated ginger and garlic. Then i boiled the 1/3 glass of water and the flour until it turned to be thick and looked like porriedge.

after everyting was ready, i mixed all of the ingredients just the way as the recipe told me.

aha,,,my own kimchi. i tasted a little bit, and it so HOT! the chili was unbelievable.

I had the whole night to wait for the real bite in the morning.

My after-morning-prayer-sleep was disturbed by my cellphone rings. Uggh, guess who’s calling: my bos’s father…??? what the…?#$!!? She’s (my bos) not even with me, and i guessed her parents had known that i wasn’t going to Surabaya with her. So i grabbed the phone and just put it under the pillow until it stopped. I thought it was gonna stop there, but i was wrong. I always hate morning disturbance, so i went out of my bed room to continue sleeping. But my morning has already ruined and that caused me not to be able to go to sleep again. Ugghh! thankfully, Prabu Revolusi was on TV and that just saved my morning mood. well, of course i still sent a protest text to my bos about it. ^^

Only take around a couple of hours later i tasted the real bites of my kimchi. and the first word came to my mind the second that kimchi reach my mouth was HOT! sooooooooooo hot. but it tasted good. well, my sister suggested me to put a little more sugar to balance the hot from chili. and yeahh i think that’s not a bad idea.


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