Legion, the dissapointment

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So i finally went watching this movie with my friend yesterday. I was so nervous because i was afraid that it’s gonna be a horror movie. My friend told that if you scare then just close your eyes, that simple.

There the movie began with the angel Michael went down to the earth and cut his wings. The angel bled ?? okay, that one is still exceptable. But then the angel got all the heavy guns from the gun store… okay, angel & guns? what kind of angel he was?

The main story of this movie is about that ex-angel Michael defended humankind againts God and His army, angels from heaven, by trying to protect an 8 months pregnant girl named Charliein order to let the baby born to this world. I actually would be okay if only the premise of the story was strong and reasonable enough. Okay, there was this angel who loves humankind so much that even when God had lost His faith on human, he was not and was willing to sacrifice himself for it. He turned to be human since he had cut his wings so he fought in human way, that’s acceptable. But i couldn’t take it when teh arch angel Gabriel fought with Michael in very human scale. I mean, he was the arch angel. Besides the fact that he got wings to fly and stronger than human,wasn’t he suppose to have a magical ability or something? I mean, he’s the arch angel, he got God’s permission to use anykind of superpower. So it looked almost ridicolous seeing Gabriel fighting in such a way with Michael, let alone his emotional expression. Even though maybe in Christian tradition, Gabriel ‘figure’ is believed in a bit different way, but i think in the movie that holy arch angel was too humanized.

Above all, there’s one big thing that i couldn’t understand was about the baby. Even the basic question like Why that baby become the only hope of humankind, could not be answered. I mean, if that baby and his mother Charlie, were supposed to be so special why didn’t they just tell us about what make them special. I mean, that baby Charlie was carrying was even an illigitimate child that Charlie herself didn’t even really want it. I could get a bit of the concept of Jesus,Mary and Joseph idea there. The child just like Jesus as the hope of humankind (in christian tradition). Mary as the virgin who was carrying a child with no father. But the very big different was that Mary got pregnant with no single touch of a man, while Charlie was just simply a careless 18 years old girl who got pregnant with her boyfriend that eventually left her just like that. And Jeep character was probably taken from Joseph character, a man who whole heartedly loved a woman who was carrying a child with no father. Jeep was a kind of hero in his own way.

However, besides all my dissapointments of this movie, i have to admit that it has a given the audience a good thrill and action. I closed my eyes several times. Even my friend was freaking out so many times that i couldn’t help laughing at her.

So, for those who haven’t seen this movie, i just can leave it to you to decide whether you will watch it or not. It’s quite entertaining anyway.


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