New York, I Love You…

After the dissapointment Legion, i watched “New York, I Love You” at night. I had expected it to be more-less like Paris J’Taime so i wasn’t very supprised by the movie plot .

Well, not as many and independent as the short movies in Paris J’Taime, here in this movie each story has a proper duration so the emotion was quite successfully absorbed by the audience before moving into another story. I like that some stories are very obvious, while some others are quite tricky and deep. The love here is interpreted in a very wide range and in a very interesting concept as the base of human relationship. And interestingly those stories are connected each other in some interesting and reasonable ways.

If you think this movie is merely about drama and romance, i think you got it wrong. I think it tries to tell us the deeper meaning and also the other meanings of love in our daily life. It’s really worth watching.


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