Bed time stories? Oh no…

“would you read the story for me?” asked Catherine, my niece while she’s crawling to set herself on the bed under the blanket.
She had Pocoyo book on her hand and she wanted me to read her that story.
Ryan, her big brother, was actually already asleep that time and i tried to keep Catherine clam.
So i lied there beside Catherine and was ready to tell her the story with a whispering voice.
But then Catherine gave her brother a goodnight kiss (and whispered to me “i gave him a kiss” then giggled) and that made Ryan woke up.
I thought Ryan was back to sleep until in the middle of the story, Ryan interrupted “and Elly grabbed Pocoyo’s ice cream too”.
And the smart Ryan turned out to remember everything from the tv show so it was not that exciting anymore.
But then Catherine demanded “Read me again read me again.”
Oh dear…it’s not fun anymore.
so i said, “What about another story?”
Catherine said, “Red riding hood?”
Oh no, i don’t know that story.
“Maybe another story Catherine.”
“What story?” she asked.
Well i didn’t tell her, but frankly i didn’t know anything else. I’ve forgotten all the bed time stories. So i decided to tell the story of Bawang Merah Bawang Putih. I thought it’s good to introduce a traditional Indonesian bed time story.
But when I just got into the introduction, Catherine interrupted, “Is she like Cinderella?”
Well well i had to admit to her, “Yes, actually a bit similar to Cinderella story.”
But then again, in the middle of the story, i forgot it. So i made an excuse by telling them that it’s time for them to go to sleep.


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