Percy Jackson & the Olympians: the lightning thief

(image source)

this movie slightly reminded me of harry potter: common kid who didn’t know that he was actually very special, has two loyal friends and a care teacher.

percy jackson was a common teenager who thought he had an ADHD and dyslexia, with the only cool thing he has is the ability to stay under the water for more than 5 minutes…….until one day, his subtitute english teacher turned out to be a freaking monster that threatened him to give back the lightning bolt. from then on, percy’s life has never been the same again.

his pal, grover, after the first monster attack finally admitted  that he was his personal protector and revealed his true identity as a half-goat creature.

his diff-able teacher, mr. bruner, was actually a centaur who leads a special camp for the demigods (the half blood kids).

percy knew from his mom that his father was special, but what he hadn’t known until mr.brunner told him was that his father was poseidon, one of the 3 main gods of the ancient greek.

in my opinion, the visual effects was quite good, the thrill was okay, the story is a kind of modern semi heroic fairy tale, but the acts of the 3 main characters were not really deep and i think too bad the adventures were failed to explore more thrills and excitement.


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