the gun shot

it was only around 10.30 last night. i was still preparing my dinner. my bro in law just went in through the kitchen door to get some water. the night was so quite since it was after a big rain in the evening. suddenly the night was broke by a big “BANG!”. my bro in law and i paused a while, and i thought everybody in the neighborhood did to.
what the heck was that?
then a women start screaming for help. then people got out of their houses to find out what was going on.
my brother said, fachrul was shot. i said “what?” So it was a gun shot. a GUN shot?? i mean, i’ve been living in this neighborhood for all my life and something like this had never happened before.
i chose to stay in the kitchen while i could hear many voices, even my father’s, from the front of my house.
so the story was that, someone tried to steal the motorcycle that’s parked at the front terrace of my neighbor, right in front of my house. but eventually my neighbor saw it and tried to fight that man and then “bang!” he shot the gun to my neighbor and ran away. it seemed that there were 2 of them on a motorcycle.
fortunately, thankfully the shot was missed. my neighbor was not injured.

i thought everyone in the neighborhood struggled to have a peaceful night last night.


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