Nine: just a little too much of the singing

(image source)

I finally watched Nine a few days ago. But i’m not sure how to make a review of it.

I love the setting: Rome, in around 1940s or so. And the story itself is interesting: uniquely woven plot of the story and unusual conflict of a man with 7 women of his life.

The characters are interesting: Guido Contini played by Daniel Day-Louis is a very strong and hard to read character, in my personal opinion. Penelope Cruz as the mistress did a very good job in the singing performance. The character of the wife, Luisa, takes a bit of empathy. A unique role of the costume designer, played by Judy Dench, in Contini’s life. Contini’s mother was visualized as a very beautiful and elegant woman. Fergie’s act as the prostitute from Contini’s childhood quite takes our attention. But unfortunately, Nicole Kidman’s and Kate Hudson’s role were not really glowing.

As an art, it’s very good. But one thing i have to complain about is the singings. I just think they are a little too much..

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