the meeting

Some of the alumni of Bengkel Penulisan Novel DKJ (Novel writing workshop held by Jakarta Arts Council) are doing a project called Lenka Project. So we had the second meeting today at Pisa Cafe Thamrin. It’s good to meet my teacher again and some of my ex-class mates from 2008 class year. And it’s interesting to meet some new friends from 2009 class year.

As usual, i wasn’t doing very well with new people, but i tried my best to be friendly and a little open. But i think it just a  little overwhelming for me meeting so many new people who were so easy going and open that i felt a little intimidated. they were alot of fun and very friendly, that’s very good. they enjoyed glasses of beers, i didn’t mind at all. they smoke, well i just need a little distance. but some mind readers there…that’s creepy.

I never like mind reader. i call them the traspasser of someone else’s privacy. that’s annoying and for me, it’s all enough with what happened between me and my cousin some years ago. No one, is ever allowed to go inside my head anymore. No One, anymore…never. it just so suck. so please don’t blame me if i’m not really friendly with you. being with ‘common’ strangers is already hard for me, let alone with mind reader strangers.

well, maybe (and hopefully) it’s just my false feeling…but i think one of the mind readers kind of avoided me. i don’t know if it was my face that THAT scary, or i have something really really horrible inside my mind or that person just simply doesn’t like me, but i could feel it that the person did make a little distance with me. i was thankful for that, actually.

It was  fun, though. after the meeting we went to Djakarta Theater XXI to watch something we hadn’t decided yet until we got there. So we decided to watch The Wolfman, but too bad the movie was so dissapointing that even my teacher decided to better be sleeping.

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