The Wolfman…just another dissapointment

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Having Oscar winner casts is not a guarantee for a movie to be always good in quality. And that’d be ashame. Unfortunately, it happens to this movie “The Wolfman”

For those who love movies, who doesn’t know the great name of Anthony Hopkins and the charismatic Benicio del Torro? Seeing those names in the movie poster must raise your interest to spend money for the theatre ticket to watch the movie. And of course you will have great expectation for the movie itself. Well, even though i wasn’t so sure to watch this movie because as i saw it on the trailer it’s a kind of gloomy and might be horror movie, but because my writing teacher bought us the ticket, so i thought i had nothing to lose to watch it.

The movie IS gloomy. You know…with the setting of around 18th-19th century in a little village in england during the winter time (foggy, cloudy…just gloomy for simple). Even the opening is about someone’s death, funeral…so all the gloomy environment is worsen with all black costumes and pale faces.

The story is nothing special, literally. It’s merely about warewolf. Believe me, the story is soooo easy to read. No need to be a movie expert to guess how this movie will flow and reach the end. And nothing from either the scene or the acting will drag your deep emotion. Things just seem to be…shallow. In the simple expression: it’s boring.

One thing i hate the most from this movie is, why such a great actor as Benicio del Torro must have such a crap line as “If everything ever happen to you, i won’t be able to forgive my self”???  I mean, come on……he could’ve done better than that.

Even the thrills are not very tense. well, i closed my eyes several times during the movie because i don’t like bloods, brutal murder and surprises entries.

so, generally, i’m dissapointed.


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