on the newspaper this morning

Reading the newspaper in the morning is like opening the giant window to see the world.

The first news i read was this article on Media Indonesia page 12, titled “Tifatul Tuduh Pers Cari Makan dari Pelintir Berita.” I read the article thoroughly and i knew the context of the problem (well not much, but i think quite enough). it is related to the issue of the bill draft of internet content that is proposed by theMinister of Communications and Informatics. then i got a little upset reading the Minister’s argument. what i didn’t like the most about his argument was that it’s obviously he cornered the press.
i used to be a press, even though only within campus area, but at least i understand the basic principle of being a journalist.
press deliver fact to public through certain means of communication. if it’s through writing then we are required to have a certain level of knowledge in writing principle. of course every journalist knows that twisting words can twist a fact and that is something a journalist will never do.
and an article always has a long journey before it was published and editing phase must be within it.
and i guess i don’t need to remind this to Mr. minister, do i?

another article that made me upset was about israel’s plan to change 2 mosques into their holy places. they claimed the Bilal bin Rabbah Mosque and the Ibrahim Mosque, which belong to Palestine, as theirs and started to blockade those two historical mosques to start the renovation and change them into Jewish temples.
if US and UN really concern about human right as they always boast something about “for the sake of humankind”, i think instead of being hyperbolicly paranoia of iran’s plan on the uranium enrichment, they’d better do something real to punish israel for their crimes againts humanity in Palestine.

May God always bless Palestine.

and one more thing, this morning i saw the singer Mulan Jameela on TV wearing the David star, the symbol of jewish, on her neck! what the heck was that?? is she a jewish or pro-israel that she was proud of wearing that symbol on her? because in my opinion, it’s just the same thing as seeing her wearing a cross. won’t you frown your face seeing that?
people always underestimate the meaning of symbol and misunderstood the energy it can bring to them as merely a superstitious. well, that’s a very big mistake. i’m seriously warning you to take any symbol, especially the religious ones, seriously.


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