Why you have to watch “My Name Is Khan”

What a great movie My Name Is Khan is.

It even has a very good and strong opening line: “My name is Khan, and i am not a terrorist.” With the soft and strong character tone of Shahruk’s voice and also his accent, from that very beginning we can get a hint of the story we’re about to see for the next 2,5 hours. It’s about a Indian Muslim man, whose surname is Khan, who is trying to tell all the American that he is not a terrorist.

Karan Johar tells the story in an interesting nonlinier plot from the point of view of a person with autism. Raised by a wonderful mother, Rizvan Khan, has grown up to be an independent man despite his autism. While people may think that he has a mental illness or an idiot, in fact he is a very smart person. after the death of his mother, Rizvan was sponsored by his little brother, Zakir, to come to America and live with him. Zakir at that moment has already married to a Brooklyn born Indian Muslim woman. She’s very beautiful with the hijab. There in America Rizvan met Mandira, his true love ever.

The main conflict begins right after the 9/11 tragedy where most American let out their hatred to all Arabs or Indians or Malay without knowing that not all of them are Muslims. Life changes after that tragedy, including within the Khan family. Business off, veil must be unveiled, everyone just see this family differently because their surname is Khan. They don’t care about Mandira as a Hindu. They just care about Mandira’s Muslim husband and his name is Khan.

The journeys of Rizvan Khan in his way to meet the president of USA just to simply say his message, bring us to a certain level of emotional and spiritual awaken. I mean, most of Indonesian maybe never had that kind of experience because most of us are Muslim and we’re used to living in diversity peacefully. Through this movie we can have an empathy that it’s not always easy to be a Muslim, therefore we must be very grateful for what we have here.

You will never fed up with the reunion of Shahruk Khan and Kajol. They’re just great performers with very good chemistry. Shahruk’s act was wonderful that i wonder how he could hold those tears in moments where normal people usually couldn’t. But the effect of holding those tears just make things feel more emotional inside.

Ahh, one thing was very interesting. It is not only the reunion of Shahruk and Kajol, but also Shahruk and Jimmy Shergill. I remember when they play in Mohabattein, Jimmy played as Shahruk’s student. On that movie, Jimmy was still a young man and cute, while Shahruk was already mature man with full of charisma. And here in this movie, while Jimmy has turned to be a mature man in his thirty, Shahruk just seems to stay in his thirty too. It seems that he’s not getting older while everyone is growing up. How many woman would love to have that charm of staying young?

I really recommend you to watch this movie. And i tell you something important before watching this movie: Don’t forget to bring a handkerchief. Most people watch this movie cannot hold their tears. Well, my eyes were wet but i just couldn’t cry on public. So in my case, i didn’t drop a tear, though i was very emotional inside actually that it’s almost hard for me to breathe.

If you’re not a Muslim, i also encourage you to watch this movie in a hope that you will understand that the teaching of Islam is not the teaching about violent and terrorism.


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