into novels again

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when i was about going back from Sydney to Jakarta, Robyn gave me one of her favorite novels, titled Angela’s Ashes. all theses times i just had it in my bookshelf without even touching it. But at the beginning of this year, that means more than a year later, i decided to have that novel as my before-bed reading. It didn’t take long for me to understand why Robyn loved it.

the story is based on Frank McCourt childhood memory. it’s his memoir. a bitter life of his childhood where all he knew was poverty and an alcoholic father. he went through a very bitter life that one would wonder how he could even survived.

the McCourt family was an Irish immigrant who lived in Brooklyn, New York until one day, they faced a condition where going back home was the only choice they had. So they went back to Ireland, in the little town called Limerick a place where Angela (Sheehan) McCourt was raised.

With the little sister and brothers came and went, an alcoholic Northern father, terrible poverty, and the great dream of going back to United States, Frank McCourt did survive all of his hardships.

the story is told from an interesting point of view of Frank McCourt himself, as early as in his toddler. reading page after page of this novel, reader is brought along with him and growing up with him as well. we are brought to see and feel and most of all to understand the situation and emotion the way Frank did. i really like the way he write in Irish accent…

just no wonder why it won the Pulitzer prize…

and currently i’m reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert


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