on the public transportation

every day i go to the office with the same bus number 143 (depok-grogol via simatupang-fatmawati-blok m). this bus is not the kind of regular buses that come every 5 minutes. well, physically it’s a coach, but here we just call them bus, or most likely “patas” for coach. this bus comes every 30minutes. and usually i take the 8 am one.

the funny thing about taking the same bus regularly is meeting the same people on the bus. you know, it’s interesting when strangers become semi-strangers because they become more familiar with each other. you won’t probably have any conversation with them, but sometimes a hint of smiles and a warm look at their eyes tell you that “yes, we’re familiar with each other”.

a tall pretty girl who always gets on from a certain alleyway, a slanted-eyed man who sometimes gets on from a shelter before the train station, the lady with hijab who gets on from the shelter across the station, a girl with hoody and earphones who gets on from the last turn before freeway. and a group of good looking women who have always been there before i got on. ahh, the girl who always gets off at the same stop. yeahh, our office are at the same building.

you will also get along with the bus conductors and drivers. you send texts, laugh about some jokes, share some fruits.

it also happen when i go back from work. i always take the same angkot almost at around the same time. the red angkot number 02 (pondok labu-lenteng agung) always waits for its passenger in front of a restaurant across the Aneka Buana supermarket.

sometimes i find the whole passengers are familiar. (the full angkot takes 12 +1 or 2 passengers). some other times only half of them are familiar. but the point is, there’s always some people you know. just the same as what happen on the bus, but here we’re more intimate. we sit face to face or shoulder to shoulder inside that claustrophobic full-packed angkot. for you to know, it gives you a little bit of comfort when you have the same faces around you on that 45 minutes journey. you’ll be comfortable to browse on your blackberry, listen to your music on ipod or mp3 or cellphone, and even to fall asleep with less thing to worry about.

you know what, it sounds negligible but that little side of your metropolitan life is actually very nice to have. big city people seems to be individual, stressful, more emotional. so i think it’s a very nice thing to have a little bit of comfort on our way to work or to go back home.


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