taking a little break on wednesday may 12th

it’s been a very long time since my last writing…

i’ve been through a lot these last couple of weeks. quite exhausting that my energy seemed to just evaporated into the air. the eating disorder relapsed beyond my own consciousness and results the dropping scale needle. 2kg! ugghhh, not again…

it’s been around two years of “recovery” and yet i keep struggling to be a much better person. i don’t wanna be the person i used to be a few years ago, no, never. every time i look back at those gloomy years, all i can see just hatred, disappointment, self tortured…so awful that  it felt like there’s a black hole inside me sucking my soul into the nothingness. i’m feeling so much better now as a person, as a human being. thank God and thanks to 2 persons that have slapped me awake and dragged my soul back into the surface of life without they even knowing what they’ve done. so i won’t let this “good” condition go away from my life anymore. yet, life is always about ups and downs…

outdoor activities and movies helped me a lot, even though the result is i have no more energy for writing…and it felt so bad to abandon my writings (yeah, homework awaits to be done SOON).

i went to Banten twice within a month. first with my friends to Carita. the beach was badly disappointing. but the road trip was fun (of course, with fun fellows!). i like the grilled squids for our lunch. and i love the night time along Cilegon where all those factories showed interesting lights that reminded me of sci-fi movies (War of the World and Terminator Salvation). the second time was just last week. we were holding an event  for my newborn nephew at my grand ma’s house. all the newborn babies in Islamic tradition needs to be ‘liberated’ by sacrificing one goat/sheep for girl and two goats/sheeps for boy within the 7th day to 40th day of his/her life on earth. it’s more of a celebration for a family and we’re obliged to share our celebration with others, especially the unfortunate ones. well, i like the event. big family got together, cheerful atmosphere, nostalgia, Sundanese speaking… only one thing i do mind: THE GOAT(s). i don’t like them when they’re alive, neither when they’re dead. stinky. and the stinks just spread all over my grand ma’s grand-traditional kitchen and it made me sick.

i made an escape one day trip to Bogor with my friend. just enjoying the journey with train, went without any plan so we were just traveling around the city with angkot, stopped at Tajur area, walk around a while and then lined up for the famous ‘tiny buns’ (roti unyil) for around half an hour…it was fun.

recently i’ve managed to watch 3IDIOTS, THE BOOK OF ELI, DAYBREAKERS, DEAR JOHN, and IRON MAN 2. either all by myself, with my dad, or with my friends.

(image source)

3 IDIOTS was entertaining. hilarious movie and very good setting. especially the last scene that was taken at Ladakh, northern India. breathtaking scenery! very white sand, blue lake, blue sky and himalaya at the background……seems to be earth’s paradise for me. just the same as seeing Shahruk Khan on My Name Is Khan, i just couldn’t stop wondering how Aamir Khan managed to look freeze in his youth? i think both Khans’ growth stopped at their early 30s. so, the movie is RECOMMENDED. watch it and you’ll get: laughs, epiphany, Bollywood songs n dances, and lot of ‘aww'(s) for beautiful landscape.

(image source)

DAYBREAKERS was lame. the premise is weak (vampire outnumbered man??). the conflict is so so (the planet was run out of human). the climax was unbelievably cheesy (you can alter from vampire back to be human just like THAT and thought i was gonna buy it?? oh, common…). good casting for Ethan Hawk, however (i think as a vampire he’s more acceptable than the exaggeration of Rob Pattionson as Edward Cullen and dr.Cullen). so the movie is NOT RECOMMENDED. you’ll get bored easily.

(image source)

THE BOOK OF ELI was just another disappointment. why Oprah made it sooo boring  with such a great actor as Denzel Washington?? lots of symbolism in every single part of the movie, that’s one clever thing to acknowledge. BUT, all those symbols are very easy to read for me. so, as simple as BORING. and the noir look of the movie hurt my eyes. so, boring plot + boring visual = enough reason for me not to finish the movie. unfortunately, i have to say NOT RECOMMENDED for this everybody-has-been-expecting-for-long-enough movie.

(image source)

DEAR JOHN is just another Nicholas Sparks’ teary drama. despite Channing Tatum’s hot body, the drama is not sexy at all. even not as romantically heart-moved movie as A Walk To Remember or Message In The Bottle.  frankly, i hate the idea of the story. something like “2 weeks for ever”. i just can’t buy it there’s such a deep love developed in only 2 weeks that it can make you wait for more than 8 years??!! what a nonsense. however, for drama lover or at least Channing Tatum’s fans or Nicholas Sparks readers, it’s FAIRLY RECOMMENDED. although in my opinion, not really worth money spending for theater tickets, better just wait for TV cable.

(image source)

IRON MAN 2. i always love seeing Robert Downey, Jr in action movies. while on the first sequel was more to automotive (fancy hot vehicles), here is more robotic. too bad i lost the ‘aww'(s) and ‘woww'(s) i used to have on the first one. my most favorite part was when Tony Stark generated the site model of Stark Exhibition in an instance. what the?? my friend said “ohh, we don’t need any AutoCad and Sketch Up and all those softwares..” yeaaahhh, give me one, would ya Mr. Stark? and my life at work would be as smooth as a freeway. i don’t really like having Scarlett Johansson on the movie, she’s too distracting. (especially for my other friend who kept saying “oh woW” at her action, i guess the butt made the oh-wow-s that it’s distracting). but thinking about the possibility of those robotic army really come into the real life in the near future gave me goosebumps, because in my head if it’d be reality, then the next condition of our world would be just like the movie Terminator: Salvation. however, this movie is definitely RECOMMENDED. and be patient to wait for the credits reach the end, you’ll find the clue for the next sequel.

by the way, it MAY 12th. a day to remember for all Indonesian, especially those who experienced the May 12th 1998. 12 years of Indonesia Reformation Era… but we aren’t there just yet.


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