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i started this morning with 20% spirits of going to work. yesterday was a public holiday and tomorrow is saturday, while friday is what we call the short day. and my client still need sometimes to think about the latest design proposal, so that left me with free time today (yeaaahhhh!)

yesterday i went out with my best friend to watch Robin Hood and i think it was great. the movie was exciting and it’s a kind of the prequel of Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood. i like the settings (beautiful landscapes!), the actors accent that for me sounded more of Aussie’s accent (yeah, Russel Crowe is Australian anyway) than Brittish, and the atmosphere of the movie itself. i think the tension is on a proportional amount and placed in proper timings. the brutality of the war scenes is not exaggerated (many thanks so i didn’t need to close my eyes very often). the romantic expression is not overacting, we can read it through eye contacts, lines, and body gestures (oh just leave it to Oscar winners Mr. Crowe and Ms. Blanchett, they did a good job). and i love the cheerful trio of Will, Alan, and John. this movie has a cheerful musical touch thanks to those three characters who really loved to have fun (sing, dance, drink, jokes).

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this movie lift up one of  the basic issues of humanity: equality among people. we, as human, has our rights to run a good life and deserve to have one. even the poor deserves to be happy. tyranny in any (even-modern) form is against humanity. and what makes a hero a hero is what he’s done, not what he’s entitled as.

and at night on TV i watched the final episode of Korean Drama “Kyong Song Scandal”. i like this drama because of its uniqueness of the idea of the story. the setting was on the old Seoul, back then called Kyong Song, when Korea was under Japanese Emperor. so i guessed it was around 1940s (??). sort of. the drama is not merely about romance but about how people’s life could be very complicated on revolution era. it introduced us a broader term of LOVE, that it’s not only about affection between Adam&Eve’s descendants, but also about the spirits of loving one’s nation. the characters let us see the whole frame from various perspectives. the main characters are: a conservative determined simple girl, a mysterious so-sexy-and-seductive gisaeng, an under cover police agent, and a don’t-care-about-other-things-as-long-as-there-are-good-music-nice-drinks-and-pretty-women “prince”.  every episode i watched mostly left me a little-hard-to-breathe effect, imagining to live a life (like those characters) in such condition of such era. i have to thank my friend for her recommendation. now i understand why she loved this drama so much.

(image source)

the last lines of the movie struck my mind that it said (more less) : we (the today generation) need to be grateful to have lived in a liberated country and never to forget the merit of our predecessors who fought for the independence of our country.

it struck my mind because i think as a young a generation of my country, i, myself often forget that back then life had been so hard for our predecessors. and most of  us, the today’s generation, are getting less and less grateful for what we have now here in this great country Indonesia. the book i’ve been reading, Umar Kayam’s “Para Priyayi”, also bring this idea to my mind. we lived under the Dutch for 3,5 centuries of suffer and under the Japanese Emperor for 3,5 years of more terrible suffer. and thanks to all the independence fighters, we got our independence on August 17th 1945. we know the date, but how many of us comprehend the true meaning of it? the true spirit of independence? how many of us still remember the 5 foundation of our country (Pancasila)? how many of us still remember our national anthem and understand the meaning of it? and how many of us still care to fight for this country to lead it into a better world for everyone?

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wooww, getting pretty serious here. hehe. but i think it worth thinking.


5 thoughts on “just some thoughts

  1. duh, jadi gak enak disebut2 ^^* ehehe
    settingnya di tahun 30an ki..
    sama ki, yg bikin gw suka banget sama ni drama soalnya dibalik kekocakannya ada pesan moril yg dalem banget.. jadi keinget kakek nenek gw.. gimana beratnya pasti hidup di jaman itu.. ;(
    terus quote terakhir yg pas tamat bikin gw “jebbbb”, dalem abiss… >.<

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