just not that into it

i’m sooo not into work today..hfff..even though the fact is, i’ve got a lot to do with the design and the budget plan

just… my mind is somewhere else

while waiting for the rendering that’s taking AGES (rrggggg #@!!%$), i’m reading lot of things on the net. anyhow, i forgot what i was googling, but it led me to a blog owned by a malaysian man (nasi-lemak-umi[dot]blogspot[dot]com).¬† frankly, i got dizzy reading his Malay, but what made me kept on reading was the room make over he’d done. well, i have to say that he did a pretty good job with those “bilik kanak-kanak” (children room).

then it made me think about my own blog. i just realized that i never show my work to public. all those drawings and renderings… somehow i startled, how could? i talk a lot of things about movies and books, but very small portion for architecture. i just don’t really know why…

maybe the answer is because i don’t have enough confidence to show the public my DESIGN. unlike my friend Daija whose sketches are thumbs up or Mira whose illustrations are beautiful.

OR…i’m just not proud of my own work, my profession….uggghh. what a life.


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