rendered images

due to my work, now i deal with Google Sketch-up software a lot more than AutoCad (my 3dsmax skill seemed to evaporate into thin air long ago ;p). this is kind of ironic. i used to hate Sketch-up so very much when i was a student, used to prefer freehand sketch, AutoCad 3D modeling or ArchiCad (during my study at Newcastle uni), but destiny has brought me here eventually. This whole year, i kind of having Sketch-up for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner…uugggh. hyaakk.

but, YET…it doesn’t make me an expert on it…huffft. still have a lot of things to learn about this software, especially rendering skill with VRay (mumbling to my self: when will my renderings get better???)

remember i was talking about rendering that took for ages?? i’m still there. this interior project required rendered images for presentation. and the client demand correction again and again and again (yeah, clients…press budget but demand high quality). and i think my pc’s memory is getting full that it made the rendering process getting slower…that’s why it takes ages.

for those who start wondering what the heck i’m talking about, here i show you the difference between non-rendered image and the rendered one.

the design “style” was -as requested by client- “modern minimalism”. God,,He knows how much i hate those two words, ever!  so it’s -as requested by client, once again- dominated with black and white.

original image from Sketch-up (File>export>2d image):

rendered with vray…

i bet if i had used 3dsmax, the result would’ve been more smooth and realistic. but Sketch-up is a lot easier to operate, so i prefer this software anyway.


One thought on “rendered images

  1. Thanks for that ! I have used sketchup for several of my projects and have found it easy to use .. though I have only the free version. And, I too have since used my cad program much less.

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