the antagonist

Last night i watch this 2007’s Korean drama titled “The Devil/Lucifer”, that re-aired on KBS world. i think my friend had recommended me to watch this drama over a year ago, but i’m not really a K-drama freak or sort of.  well, what i want to say is that  there’s an interesting character here that reminded me of a chat i had with my friend earlier in the evening.

(image source)

a little intro, it’s not the kind of drama that shows tears and romance nor the ones that make you laugh. i can say it’s a kind of mystery and thriller, with complicated plot. this character i was talking is the mysterious young attorney. around 99% of his appearance SO FAR, this character seems to be lifeless. emotionless. just a plane facade. i like this kind of hard to read character, because his plane facade precisely shows that the world is not flat. that life is not an all-happiness thread.

i don’t know but somehow it slapped me awake and reminded me of what my friend said about me on that chat.

one question from her that stabbed me right to my core, “don’t you think you need to be a little nicer to people? you know, at least for just in case that in the future you’ll need their help.”

i’m not saying that i have a plane facade. i just realize that i do smile, but not that much. i don’t give smile to regular acquaintance nor to reguler familiar faces, let alone strangers. and yeahh, don’t expect me to say “hi” first if we’re not really close. it’s a shame for me, but unfortunately it’s the truth. i must face it. though it’s gonna be so hard, i think i need to keep trying to be a nicer and better person, promise. ^^ (look at my blog themes now, girly cheerful ain’t it?). just need a little more time to find out where the heck that switch button i’d pressed long ago.

along with this short contemplation, i remember my favorite fiction characters ever: Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler. you know why i like those leading characters of Gone With The Wind? because they were the antagonists. they’re mean, ambitious, arrogant, and tricky people. but their evilness is based on strong premises, so humane. i love the way Margaret Mitchell narrates both characters.

(taken from

Rhett’s famous words: “frankly my dear, i don’t give a damn.”

Scarlett’s famous words: “after all, tomorrow is another day.”

and if i may combine them into my own words: “i don’t a give a damn. though i must face it anyway. but nothing really stays the same. because tomorrow is always another day.”


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