try to be a little nicer

God must be loving me so much. right after i wrote my previous blog, in the evening at angkot, i got my first lesson.

oh, we are suppose to be in dry season already, but i guess due to no other than the global warming issue we’re having  “the rainy dry season” that will last the whole May. so, it was raining when i just stepped out of the office. i stopped the first angkot appeared and then just hopped in. there’s a middle aged woman in front of me. so it was only two of us in there.

i think it was because she saw some changes at around the bus shelter after the Fatmawati traffic light, she said something. at first i thought she’s just talking to herself, but then i found out that she’s talking to me! well, i didn’t really pay any attention to her words, so i just gave her an indifferent smile. then the angkot stuck in a traffic jam, and the woman kept talking. i had no other option rather than listening to her.

she’s complaining about the street vendors kicked out of the pedestrian way issue. well, of course i was absolutely agree with what the local goverment had done. i mean, for me pedestrian way belongs to pedestrian, period. but as you might guess, i just kept my words for myself. then she told me that she was once a street vendor too, located in front of Fatmawati hospital. she complained that the local goverment had been so mean to them that they’re just kicked out without any compensation. (of course you won’t get any, ma’am! sorry, my mind just kept screaming that i couldn’t stand on your side in this). but i was still listening. it’s my first lesson to be nicer to stranger.

she said now her life was getting more difficult. she lost her regular income. to cope with the financial problem, if back then the customers went for her, now she’s the one who must seek for them. she sells cookies and other snacks around Blok-M area and sometimes illegally within the Fatmawati hospital area. she also told me that her child had worked as a cleaning service at the hospital, but the honorarium was as low as Rp.450,000 per month (around USD 50). she said that it didn’t help them at all, so she asked her child to quit the job. that child was then helping her being a pedlar. she said she couldn’t afford to rent a place because the cheapest rent was 7 million rupiah per year.

well, that’s just a regular story of many Indonesian people. at one side it is very important for the local goverment to improve the quality of the city, and disciplining street vendors is one of the programs. while on the other side, local goverment also needs to think of the best way to improve the welfare standard of its citizens. and i think pressing the number of urbanization is one of the ways.

anyway, i guess sometimes it’s just not that bad to be a little nice to other people.


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