Friday night’s contemplation

i know at my previous post it was very my-point-view. as a former campus journalist, i know that i could’ve make it more covering both sides.

maybe i’ve been such a hypocrite that i do like seeing beautiful buildings and cool skyscrapers, but yet at the same time deep inside me there’s always a voice telling something is just not right.

i remember the time when i made sketches of my designs, did a series of small research on the precedents’s design theories and technology applications. it was fun, i enjoyed it. and the time when i brought papers with drawings on them and models and then realized that people were staring at me with the awe stares…i felt the pride in me. then the time when i had to defend my design in front of the judge(s), the tense of the situation……no this is not the good moment to remember. ^^”

remembering all those moments sometimes i ask my self whether i’m really ready to let it go? the design activities…becoming an architect, my childhood dream.

i understand that architects’ passion is to design an architectural work. they just love it. they mary architecture and commit to it for the rest of their lives. but above all, they make money from it. it’s the way they earn their livings, that’s what is called professional, right? so, maybe for them….that’s all that matters.

but how many architects don’t get dirty hands? that’s another question. that’s the matter that bothers me all these times.

what makes me sad is lots of architects nowadays are getting more inhuman. they seem to forget that they’re designing for human, the people. people who use the architectural work, who take a value of it through whole-body experience, not merely visual attraction. but who’s to be blamed? and also lots of them seem to forget to give compensation to the society and the mother earth of what they’ve done. architectural work is the work of destructing the mother earth, so architect should always compensate for it. but there’s not any significant reminder for them about this. so once again, who’s to blamed?

all those inconvinient truths that make me doubtful if i should do it as my future career. if i’m taking the architect path, wouldn’t i be just like them? realizing in what kind of situation (in term of this country’s situation) i’m about to dwell. what if i just bend my dream into something else bigger than that but costs me leaving the design practice all behind? am i really ready to go againts all odds and fight all by myself, maybe, for the rest of my life?

God, please lead me the way….


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