what was it i was watching?

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I watched this movie yesterday:  The Men Who Stare at Goats, and i found it…..very weird.

i mean, the movie started with a strange action of a soldier. then this journalist, Bill (Ewan McGregor), started the story with a bizzare event. the so-called psychic he met sounded more like lunatic for me. his meeting with another very-much-a-liar-than-a-psychic-for-me, Lyn (George Clooney) had just brought him into a series of unfortunate events. all along the movie i was wondering, why on earth there’s a man so foolish that he’s taking a bunch of craps as real stories and thought it was awesome?? i mean, come on…if that Lyn really could foreseen things, they wouldn’t face lots of almost-dead situations.

and also the character of Bill Django (Jeff Bridges)….are you sure the US army would’ve funded the kind-of-hippies-life training for soldiers? oh come on, how could Bill fall for this crap? and the Kevin Spacey’s character. i’m not really sure i get the point of his antagonist role and the conflict he’s making.

and the goats?? what the….? ohh, let’s just leave the goats here.

however, over all, yes this movie is a kind of unique and smart and once again, bizzare….great casts with quirky characters that could drag the audience into their strangeness of characters and lives and stories…it’s the kind of movie that keeps your mind busy wondering things (about the stories, events, and characters you’re watching) while at the same time being very entertained. but i don’t know if this movie deserve to be called GOOD or SUCKS, it’s just hard to define.

and you know what came out of my mouth after watching this movie: WHAT THE HECK WAS THE MOVIE ABOUT??

anyone can help me in this?


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