reading the inconvinient today’s world story

“Israeli Forces Storm Gaza Aid Ship”. you can read this title in every news channel across the globe today as the Israel army attacked one of the Gaza Aid convoy ships, Mavi Marmara, as early as 4.30 am this morning.  12 Indonesian volunteers were reported on board and so far there’s no official report of their current conditions yet.

i read the news from Kompas, BBC, and CNN.

from Kompas i understand that our government cannot give any official comment yet due to the lack of information from any trusted sources. rumor has it that around 16 volunteers had been killed on that event, but don’t know yet whether any Indonesian among those victims.

when i watch the video on BBC, God i almost cried. i think i couldn’t imagine how terrifying the situation was with all those devil armies seemed to come from every side of the earth. the reporter said it was “chaotic”. hell yeahh, we can see it obviously from the video. all the blood, tears, screaming… and YET Israeli still said it as a defense? defense against what? they’re just unarmed civilians. Israel army said they’re attacked by knives, bars, and live fire….so, do you mean that’s as an excuse to be allowed to fire your guns against a bunch of frighten civilians who wanted to defend themselves in terms of SURVIVAL?? stop your mommy-boyish propaganda Israel…you sounds so stupid with those too-obvious-exaggeration made up stories.

you can read the the complete BBC news about it here.

and when i turned to CNN, guess what i saw? this CNN put a very large image of two wounded Israeli soldiers from that event. WHAT THE…??? i mean, does the world need to give a pity to those soldiers who attacked unarmed volunteers on the international sea area?? who they think they are, the army of all nations that is legitimate to do such horrible thing outside their territory? funny how US scream about African hijacking ships called pirates but seem to call these bastards heroes?  well, the rest of the article does cover both side. it doesn’t go against the basic principle of journalism. but yet, i think CNN has clearly announced which side they are standing from this article. and there i found this ridiculous statement reaching the end of the article: “‘for us it’s a life and death issue,’ Regev said”. MArk Regev is the Israel Spokesman. well, HEYY, i tell something Mr. Regev: “for us, it’s a serious deadly action against humanity issue.”  oh yeah, i forgot that Israeli do not value life of all non-Jewish people.

you can read the whole annoying CNN article here. and please do read the comments too, one of the commentators said the article was disgusting.

so i think now the world can see it clearly that Israel-Palestine conflict is not merely about Jewish-Moslem war. it’s that the zionist do not give a damn of who you are because you are non-Jewish. even if you’re a very devoted Catholic but you’re planning to give some aids to Palestine people,i think Israeli soldiers will knock you down with all the possible-ridiculous excuses that’ll legitimate their action.

what Israel has been doing is clearly against humanity. it seems that they won’t stop before all the Palestinians extinct. i hope like the world had stopped Adolf Hitler from continuing the Holocaust, this time the world will stop Israel from ‘Holocausting’ Palestinians.


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