crazily boring day

i think i’m reaching the peak point of this whole boredom. actually today is not the nothing-to-do day. i had to rush to the bank to pay the carpenter. i finished some pages of my writing. but still,,,it’s all just so damn boring.

i watched the final episode of Cinderella’s Sister,,,but the ending was just so disappointing. it did give a happy ending, but for me the way the writer brought up the ending was…i’m not sure what the perfect word for this…SHALLOW? it feels that the whole angst and frustration she/he had developed at the past 14 episodes seemed to be less paid in this final. just not really worth it. it should’ve been much better.

at least the dream-like date scene on episode 19 gave a lot of contribution in avoiding this drama to be a failure…

image source

i really like the idea of making the 80 minutes like the past 8 years, pretending that they never parted, like they’ve been all these years a couple ever since they were tutor and student. the precious 8 years that had turned their lives into hatred, revenge, redemption, guilt, anger, sins, and sorrow. the precious 80 minutes felt so worth it that they put away all the troubles they’re still facing. thinking about nothing but themselves.

but as the time ticking to reach the end of their 80 minutes, their fairy tale perfect lives ended…grim reality was straightly back.

maybe could’ve been better to end the episode at the 19th.

and back to my boring day…reaching the high afternoon, i got bored of everything. so i stop doing anything. then i dully opened the newspaper in front of me and saw this picture. i thought it was cool, so i just scanned it.

the English football team was coming to South Africa. that Steven Gerrard as the foreground and we can see Wayne Rooney blurry at the back on the left. the photograph credit was “AP/THEMBA HADEBE”.

maybe the reason why i feel crazily bored now is because i haven’t got any lunch yet. it’s 4.16 pm.


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