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I’ve been busy developing my website with my best friends for the past week and i feel terrible for “neglecting” my own blog.

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I went out to watch Prince of Persia with them last weekend. I think the movie was cool, lots of cool action. I love the way Jake Gyllenhaal swings here and there…very energetic! I think he did better than Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible…hehehe (i never like that movie anyway). He makes a new image with his sexy abs (Hoho) and the 90’s-boy-band-like hair style.

I was a bit late watching the movie from it’s 1st premiere, but thankfully i didn’t miss it on theater. The movie contains many symbolism, particularly Islam symbols as well as Hindu, but nothing’s a big deal about them. However, there’re 2 things i was annoyed by:

1.) the use of the name Hassansin for the assassins. I know it’s kind of a mixture of Arab word “hassan” and English word “assassin”. And that’s just the thing i was objected. the word “hassan” means “good/kindness”, so the mixture was actually a contradiction! Ughh, i just hate it.

2.) the happy ending. sorry for spoiler, but you know what, when the movie turn to this part, my reaction was “what?? a fairy-tale-like happy ending?” I mean, what is it? another 1001 nights tale after Alladin and Sinbad?

And late that same night, I decided to watch “Brothers”, another Jake Gylenhaal’s movie. He got tattoos here! Awww…

(iamge source)

I watched this movie because many people talk about it and some even give good compliment. Well, the casts were famous names like Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman and the one i told you above.

After watching it…(paused and think)…i don’t know which part that makes this movie as great. It consumed deep thinking and emotional consciousness, which I don’t recommend watching if you’re in the middle of “desperado-zone”. It tells about human bonding and the real meaning of the word itself. In the movie, it shows you how brothers with a 180 degree different life and characters could be so faithful to each other. It shows you about father and son’s relationship, as well as father and daughters’. It also shows you the love-bond between husband-wife and wife-in law. And last but not least, it shows you the ultimate bonding that you’ll hold for survival. Tobey’s character faced a condition where he had to choose between his true humanity or the love for his family…

A stressful movie for a stressful person? Not a good idea at all!

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