One Thing I Might Miss: To Design

Like there’s a giant rock over my chest, this frustrating job just urges me to cut it off sooner, so i’m doing it a favor. I really want to pull away that suffocating rock and breathe freely again.

Well, if my destiny eventually bring me to another path, a path that i’ve been planning to walk onto since i was in uni, i have to be ready to let go of one thing: the activity of designing.

Honestly i’m thrilled by the fact that i might give it up for a long time (if not for good) since i’m gonna make it as a job. I know that it’s gonna be a big different from my previous experience, in uni times, where i could still switch to either side whenever i miss one of them. Maybe it’s time for me to decide which path i’m gonna walk on. And i think it’s not as easy as i had thought…

Looking at my own works…I’m thinking, i might miss doing this.


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