world cup, world map, and salad

I thought May was already weird, but here we are in the late June and rain’s still pouring heavily, almost everyday. What do you call that? We’re 2 months late for the dry season and we don’t even have a hint that it’ll come soon. So this’s what the world call as Climate Change.

Many things happen this June-July.

Jakarta’s celebrating its 483th anniversary, so we’re having many events around this huge city. There’re Jakarta Fair (Int’l Expo), Jakarta Great Sale at all the shopping malls, lots of events at the Old City, street decorations (even though not as merry as any other holidays), and many things.

One big event that the whole world is now paying attention to is definitely The 2010 FIFA World Cup. Just like the enthuasisme people have out there, in our home the fever has brought the family (my parents and i) sit together at nights to watch the game. Even though none of us is a big fan of football, we watch it for our entertainment (considering the news are dominated by the sex tape issue, that make us really sick! and Indonesian TV dramas are always as lame as always that it will never be an option to watch). Well it’s fun you know, to sit together with the old folks…giving comments enthusiastically for the games and the players, cheering for the goals and woo-ing the bad performances.

And this World Cup watching activity has also broaden my parents knowledge about countries. Like when we’re discussing about where exactly New Zealand is. My father thought it’s part of Australia because he said there’re imported beefs labeled “Product of Australia-New Zealand”. My mom thought the country was somewhere in America. Haha, it was so funny that we were more into discussing its whereabout than watching the game on TV. It resulted my mom put on her glasses and came into my room to check on the map. Well, i’m so proud of my world map for this, even though it’s not the best world map i could find in the book store, but it’s enough. My mom who is as curious as Dora the Explorer always goes and checks on it every time she wants to know the whereabout of a country.

The world map i have in my bed room wall was inspired by the movie “The Prince and I”. There’s a scene where Prince Edward saw this map in her girlfriend’s bedroom. There’re points pinned on the map that indicated the places the girl had been and the places where she wanted to go to. For me that’s very inspiring. I watched teh movie when i was still in Newcastle. When i got back to Jakarta, my mom decided to do a little remake of my room and there left a wide empty wall in one side and the idea of covering it with maps came popping in my head just like that. Actually i wanted to make it just like the one i saw in the movie, but it seemed that it would be a big remake, so i decided to just stick them on the wall. I have three maps: The world map, the Indonesia map and the Jakarta map (but this one just the small one).

Besides those “flat” maps, i also have this puzzle globe that my bro in law brought me from Germany. It’s a classic map from the time of European explorers. I love the puzzle globe very much that i don’t like people touching it so i just put in inside a closed glass display. It allows people to see it but doesn’t allow them to touch it.

And this morning we made our traditional Sundanese salad: Karedok. I think it’s not fair that i haven’t talk about our traditional Sundanese salad, while i had talked about Coldsloe (aussie), Kimchi (korea), and Humus (middle east). So here’s the salad, made from raw veggies like bean sprouts, cabbage, eggplant, cucumber, kacang panjang (no english for it, because english don’t have it), and kemangi leaf. All veggies are chopped and mix with a spicy peanut sauce.


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