Watching “Inception” with a Free Style Sit

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We hurried to the theater for “Inception”, but by the time we got there, there’re only two uncomfy-position-split-row seats left for both of us. the next show would be very unlikely for us, so it was a take it or leave it option. Wee took it and I got the farthest end of the very front row, oh no.

the mirriam-webster online tells the meaning of the word inception as simple as “an act, process, or instance of beginning.” But too bad the movie was way too far from easily “digested” in mind. stealing from someone else’s dream? putting a certain idea to someone else’s mind through the deepest layer of his dream? what a creatively logic idea!

there’re some flaws, though. Blur premise, missing links, a bit hyperbolic…and even Mr. Di Caprio didn’t show us his impressive acting in this movie. I really love seeing him at “Blood Diamond” “The Departed” and “Body of Lies”. In this movie, he played the character of Dominic Cobb, a heart-broken-former-architect theft. His specialty was stealing through some one else’s dream, layers of dreams…in a simple word, this guy was lunatic. Pretty much connected with his previous movie, “Shutter Island” huh?

Well, talking about Leonardo Di Carpio, italian name…i always think that italian men are sexy…anyway, his name sounds a bit similar with carpio, a Common Carp. Do you know what that is? It’s a fish water, the non-gold goldfish. Its full (latin) name is Cyprinus carpio…sounds like mediteranian as well 🙂 hehe.

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The movie took about 2,5 hour show and it pushed my brain to work very hard. I needed to concentrate on remembering which dream belongs to whom. There’re about 6 more main characters within the movie and they all moved in different layers of some one’s dream. oohhh confusing. was it the movie that’s so confusing or it’s just me who couldn’t get it? and the ending?? oh shooooot! you really need to watch it yourself. when the screen finally went black and showing the production team names, i went…speechless. stepping out of the studio, my brain worked so hard. getting some drink, I asked my friend, “What was that I was wacthing?”

speaking about my position…hoho, it was a free style sit I did. Well 2,5 hour trying to digest the movie and practically sitting at the frontest row, farthest end, dark…so, I just tried to make myself as comfy as I could 😀

anyway, despites the flaws…this movie still worth watching. recommended, but make sure you don’t sit at the front row.


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