Looking at my own work…

I don’t and won’t regret my own decision for turning my life into another pathway. I never really proud of myself as an architect or a designer, no matter how many compliments might come to me from people I love, because it just felt wrong.

Like I’ve always said to my friends: “writing is my first love, but i’m engaged with architecture…” Around a year ago I was still in a great dilemma to whom i was gonna be married. but I realized that the clock kept ticking and the world would never wait for me…so, I gotta run.

I’m not leaving everything’s behind. If many people think that marrying both their long first love and their recent fiancee is way too impossible to do, i’m saying it’s not. the moon is reachable. the trillion lights away galaxy is seeable. Nothing is impossible.

So, here I am…ready to make possible of my impossible dream.

And finally, looking at my own work…I could sigh a relieve.

God, I wasn’t that bad as a designer.

(the bedroom)

(the kitchen. there were my colleague and mr.carpenter in the reflection)

(the living room)

Refer to the 3D renderings here. there were some slight changes in the design due to the client’s demand.


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