It’s not just another Saturday

The boy next door loves to play guitar. Funny that I wasn’t so surprised when I found out myself soothed by the sound of that not-so-well-guitar playing. But it was a very hot and quite afternoon, and it’s fasting days…so I just spent my post-morning time (>11.00 am) stuck in front of my laptop on my working desk by the window, as usual…writing. I didn’t even know when exactly that boy began playing his guitar…but when I started to realize it, I found it quite soothing my a-little-troubled mind. I never really see his face, though he’s been occupying that rented room for…I don’t know…maybe over 3 months? All I know is that No.39C room is occupied by two men and one of them really loves to play guitar. Well, for me it’s not about the person…it’s about the touch of music that the boy has brought into my house environment. I mean, none of my family plays any music instrument. My sister’s keyboard is left silent on the 2nd floor for I don’t know how long. So it’s very nice to have another backsound in mylife other than the sound of my nephews’ chattering, the noisy vehicles from the street and the trains go woos-woos.

the messy working desk

I’m so excited that today the Bengkel DKJ writing club is having another meeting! It’s been way too long since our last meeting, disscussing the “Lenka Project”. I hope we’re gonna get a good news from the Teacher about that one. But the most exciting thing is we’re having Dr. Janet Steele (Professor of journalism from George Washington Univ and the author of “The Wars Within” book) as our guest teacher. Yeeaaay! I haven’t read her book yet ;p (history about TEMPO magazine is frankly not my favourite) but I hope to get a lot of precious new knowledge from her.


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