Last Sunday

For almost all my life i’ve always been the anti-Jakarta-train person. Taking train used to be my very last option for public transportation. But funny how life always push us to a very surprising direction…thanks to my new job, now I’m taking train for almost everyday. And last Sunday was the very first time for me to really enjoy taking train. I loved it! even for a while I felt like I wasn’t in one of those Jakarta’s-always-packed-with-people-trains…I was like somewhere abroad, 😀 … I’ve never known that taking train could be very enjoyable. I could even take this picture without having any worries at all…

I wish the everyday trains were as comfy as this Sunday one

But not until the train stopped at Pasar Minggu Baru Station when four vandals-like-kids aboarded and sat in front of me. the discomfy came at a sudden and it just ruined the whole joyful journey. They didn’t threathen me in a direct way…thank God…but their presence brought back all the insecurities in me. They laughed out loud about something I don’t know what and that’s just very annoying. They made fun of a girl reading comic book next to me. I tried my best to keep my eyes on other directions in a hope they didn’t notice my presence (very kiddo thinking, I know, but in that kind of situation i don’t think pretended to sleep was a good idea as well). I felt a little relief when seeing one of the train officers came and check on our carriage, but got very disappointed in an instant when he decided to turn his back on us and went back to another carriage. Oh man! How could you do that to us?!

Thankfully, the inconvinient situation didn’t last long. They got off the train in Tebet Station…Thank God…

The Bengkel DKJ meeting was again in Mallacca Restaurant in Cikini. Hohoho…it’s our favourite! Good food, good atmosphere…it’s just good.

My favourite wall decoration at Mallacca

The short lecture about “Narrative Journalism” by Janet Steele was amazing! Very inspiring! Some people call narrative journalism as literature journalism (jurnalisme sastrawi), but guys…this narrative journalism is no way an easy bussiness. What differs it with literature is of course it’s a journalism. Everything must be a fact! 5 W 1 H questions must be answered. And what differs it with the common journalism is it tells like fiction-stories. There are characters, scenes, plot, setting, impressive quotes, details… Having those things in fiction writing is not a very big deal. Even though you’ll spend all your effort to make the story as real as possible, you know that the readers will always know the story is just a fiction. But in narrative journalism, you have to deliver the truth in a short-story-like way of writing, but you have to make the readers believe that what you tell are all facts and the words are not your self opinions.

We had this article from Washington Post as the discussion material. It’s written by Anthony Shadid titled “A Boy Who Was Like a Flower“. Janet told us the condition when this article was first published. It was March 31 2003, 11 days after the Iraqi war started. Saddam Hussein wasn’t kicked out yet. The American was still boasting their soldiers’ bravery. In televisions, there are images of US armies…tanks…the blasting of explotions…but none of them tell the story about what actually happen to Iraqi people. So when the story came out, it was a shock for most of Americans…from a simple civillians, academists like Janet to all the US politicians. It’s a story that change a nation’s perspective. How brilliant Anthony Shadid was, a Lebanon-American journalist, to lift up a simple story (the funeral of a kid) in such a beautiful way to speak out a far greater issue behind it all (the Iraqi war and its effect to the people). No wonder he got the Pulitzer Prize for this article.

Thanks Janet for sharing it to all of us here. Your Bahasa was very good. And of course, thanks a lot to our teacher, Mr. Yusi Pareanom, for having such a good friend as Janet and introduced us to her…you’re great 😉

I love this club.

Janet and us


2 thoughts on “Last Sunday

  1. Thank you so much for this lovely posting! Wow — you absolutely made my day. I loved visiting your club. Good luck to you in all of your future endeavors! — Janet

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