veggi or just plant?

If you were born with 100% sundanese blood (i’m bantenese, particularly. bantenese always see themselves a bit different from eastern sundanese…dunno why), eating plant is something in life that you just can’t avoid of. it’s just in your gen… i’m saying plant because i’m not really sure if you can call papaya cassava leaves as vegetables. i mean, just because it’s edible doesn’t mean it’s categorized as veggi right?

urap on my fav plate

anyway…i’m talking about this because my dinner for tonight is “urap”. i think it’s another sundanese authentic salad. its main characteristic is the boiled veggeis are mixed with spicy coconut powder. the coconut powder tastes spicy, sweet and savory in the same time. unique. and as for the veggies or plant for our case, tonight we have the combination of bean sooth, spinach, papaya cassave leaves, and kacang panjang. sorry there’s no english for kacang panjang. western don’t have it 😉 and for addition, we also have “peyek teri”. it’s a home-made cracker with anchovy and salted-baby-prawn on it. “peyek” is also sundanese authentic cracker…

i’ve been having a little problem eating rice recently, which is not good, so i try so hard to consume other types of carbo, which then makes my eating menu funny. for example…last early breakfast, i had spinach soup for the starter. then for the main course…i just had oatmeal-milk and banana. the day before i had spicy tuna and sweet bread. frankly i found my new eating culture as bizzare, but I got no other option…don’t know when my freak-out-seeing-rice syndrom will fade away 😦


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