“Let Your Heart Guide You to the Light”


November 2nd might be the worst day of my life. I was all alone, stuck in the darkness, 27 floors high, for about 45 minutes at exactly mid night. I cornered my self outside, at the balcony. I tried to call everyone..but no answer at all. I texted my sister for the building management phone number, she simply said “dunno”. After a long depression wait, my cellphone rang…Praised Allah, it was my parents.

When I went back home the next night, my mom told me to not be afraid of darkness. She said I should be well prepared for any possible situation: “next time don’t forget to bring candle, matches, or flashlight”. Bla bla bla…But to my surprise, at the closing she said very beautiful phrases: “Just remember, next time, if you’re somehow caught in the dark again, you should see everything through your heart. Don’t be panic, don’t be afraid. Let your heart guide to the light. You’ll be alright.”

I guess my mom is getting better with words 😉

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