Just Reminded Me of Those Times

Cheer Cheer Cheer!” That was the title of the 2008 Japanese movie I watched last night. It tells about a Japanese-style highschool-baseball-cheering club. If you think the cheering style was the same as the cheerleeding we know, you’re wrong. This cheerleeding club is a lot cooler. It’s rock!

Watch the trailer here.

momoyama momoko - the captain



the team


Watching this movie so much reminded me of my highschool moment. It was a different context with mine, but still tehre’re a lot of similar situations reminded me of myself in my teenage life. I called it the three years in hell, BUT through that hell I become what i am today and I can never be grateful enough for those hard trainings…

My club called Ural 28. Not many people had enough gut to sign up for this very serious club. The 11grade seniors looked vicious with 16 out of 24 were boys…muscle boys. However, I did sign up and ended up spending my 2,5 years of highschool in full dedication for this club. I didn’t have any highschool memories like my other friends where they hung out together, went out to malls, talking about boys…my life was only about my club, school senate and my grades. So when the alumni finally approved me to select the next “Red Flute Holder” (instead of making me running for another year in that position due to the hard situation within our club that time), i could have a half year to really enjoy being like any ordinary highschoolies.

I remembered the way I had to behave or act as cool as I could everytime I was in my juniors’ sight…even when I was in my detention for coming to school late. It was hard you know. You couldn’t really be yourself in the public, particularly when it comes to blend with the juniors. Even though I had never been the toughest in the team…on every Monday morning ceremony, I had to stand up the straightest, the most hold ground … in simple word: I had to stand in the perfect image just like the soldiers. And everytime I remember those times…I always had a very big smile on my face. How funny and stupid I was…but they are priceless experiences. 🙂

ural logo

[see Ural 28 page]

Bhumi Nabhastala (#21) – 01


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