Cambodia Day 2: Angkor Wat and Day 3: back to Phnom Penh

We began our adventure very eraly in the morning. Look at the map, the Angkor area was HUGE… The tuk tuk driver (rent $20 for the whole day, soooo expensive blaaahh) asked us which circle were we going? the small circle of temples like Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and 3 more others; or the bigger circle which usually explored for 3-7 days. Since we only bought the one day pass ($20), we absolutely chose the small one.

Map of angkor archeological park


When we got there, they’re having an international Angkor Wat Marathon. The participants came from many countries. But our focus was on the temples, so here we go…

We started our journey with Angkor Wat. This place was amazing! However somehow, it reminded me of both Prambanan temple and Borobudur temple. The shape of Angkor Wat had the characteristic of Hindu temple, while the function was for Buddhist worship.

I read the brief history of the temple. Yes, it was once a Hindu temple, but on 12th century, they changed it into Buddhist. I won’t say much from here. Just enjoy the pictures…

Ah, there are things you shouldn’t forget to bring when visiting Angkor area: hat, sunglasses, lots of water, and lunch. Things were pretty expensive here.

Angkor Wat

the engravings on Angkor Wat collumn

One of Buddha altars for praying

The Angkor Wat inner courtyard

Climbing up Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat was still “underconstruction”. The conservation was still undergoing. So we found many places were still forbidden for entry.

The gate to Angkor Thom City

Detail of the statues on bridge

Bayon, the temple of smiling Buddha…It was the most interesting temple for me. I found not a single facial image of Buddha without a smile. They all looked very happy in Bayon.

Bayon: the temple of smiling Buddha

The close up Bayon

Yes, you can ride an elephant here. Just go out a little bit from Angkor Wat and you’ll find the “station”.

Ride an elephant in Angkor area

Cambodia had so many partnership in Angkor projects. They have partnership with Korea, Japan, India, and Indonesia.

Cambodia-Indonesia partnership

Relief details in one of the temples

The Elephant Terrace

Remember the Tomb Rider I movie? There’s this big tree in one of the scene. And there it was. The tree was so beautiful and amazing that it grew above the temple. When we asked the tuk tuk driver to take us here, we said “Please take us to the Tomb Rider tree. You know, the big tree that appear in Tomb Rider movie.” He told us the real name of the place. But it was too difficult for me to remember it.

We called it the "Tomb Rider" tree

My friend might think she's Lara Croft

One of the temples in Angkor Thom City

My favorite picture of me

The night came and it’s time for us to shop… We took a tuk tuk from our hostel in Wat Bo village to Siem Reap Night Market. This market was more interesting than the one in Phnom Penh. We got some souvenirs here with quite good prices. So don’t hesitate to bargain. Remember, you can get the price as low as 40% from the first price they offer you!

At Siem Reap Night Market

items they sell in the market

Third day in Cambodia. It’s time for us to move forward. Next destination was Kuala Lumpur, before going back home…to Jakarta Raya. We booked this bus from the hostel. It costed us $10, but it’s nicer than the first one.

The bus we took to back to Phnom Penh

We stopped at Kampong Cham for about half an hour before continuing our journey to Phnom Penh. It took us 5,5 hours.

At Kampong Cham

At Phnom Penh Int'l Airport

We still had plenty of time before our flight…

Waiting for our AirAsia

We didn’t have a very good impression of Cambodia. This is not a very nice place for foreigners. The transportation business was very tricky. Remember: DON’T TRUST ANYONE no matter how nice they are to you! Otherwise you’ll lose more USD than you should be.

However, Siem Reap was a pleasant city. The Angkor temples were amazing…


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