A Beautiful Windy Saturday Afternoon

The birthday girl wanted a meaningful and many presents. Looking for presents have never been an easy thing to do. We considered two things: her hobby and her current situation. The idea just popped out instantly about something that might cheer her up when she’s down……a nice drink and cigarettes. And what I mean with a nice drink actually involved alcohol :D. The story started when we’re waiting for our plane to Jakarta in Kuala Lumpur LCCT. We browsed around the duty free shop and found many good-price liqueurs, but the problem was we’re too afraid to bring it in to the country. Thinking about encouraging her to get drunk and sucking strong nicotine into her lung was pretty worrying too, so we made some changes in the plan.

The yellow book “WTF? Work” caught our attention and it’s definitely HER! So that one item. And the “nice drinks” idea went on, but we changed it into literal meaning: nice drinks. So we bought her six bottles of different nice drinks. An alcohol drink was still involved though :D. As for the cigarettes…no we didn’t give her any nicotine. Instead we gave her a couple of cigar-like Swiss chocolate wafers. So she still had the “Cigarette Party”. Hope she likes our “many presents” for her. Hope everytime she feels WTF? Work she takes a sip of one of the nice drinks and then feels better 😉

The presents

She invited us for lunch in a nice warung-kampung-like restaurant. The sapo tofu I ordered was good…as good as I had imagined before…and it’s just always nice to spend a beautiful afternoon with your beautiful bestfriends. The traditional Javanese keroncong as the background music just completed the event.

Thanks for today, birthday girl 😉

Thanks for today, Dear God…


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