A Bright Saturday Morning

Living two lives could be tiring…but not if you live it passionately. I’ve been having two jobs this past five months: the 9-5 job which I earn money and another job which actually is a hobby. I’m not saying that I do my 9-5 job passionately since it’s not the job I really do sincerely. I call this the survival job. You know the job that gives you a living…money to survive the life, but not your “dream job” one. And another job is my web project. It’s a hobby, a channel to let out of my passion to writing. People always misunderstand that my passion in this web is the Korean things – but it’s not. the thruth is what matters to me is the chance to write and write and write, and be conscious that there’re about 1,000 people from around the globe read my writings everyday. So it doesn’t matter to me if I have to stay up till very late at night for writing a news update or wake up very early in the morning to watch a drama in order to finish my drama summary…..being a writer is about responsibility to the readers.

After this Korean entertainment web have been settled, I plan to start developing another web…an architecture web. I wanna make it as a dream-come-true web, so I have to develop it seriously. therefore it’s gonna take times and I have to be patient…But hope it won’t be long…

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself that my main job is not something I really love to do. It’s honestly something that I don’t do it passionately. But life is a reality and I gotta get real. I need money to survive. That’s one of the things that make being adult sucks: you don’t have your parents giving you money anymore, so you have to push yourself do the job in front of you no matter how sick you are with it. Thankfully, my main job gives me good money, and it doesn’t require too much effort, so I don’t think it’s fair if I complain too much.

These days I remember one of Arirang interviews with the President of Korean Arts & Culture Education Service, Lee Dae Young. In one of his lectures, he said to the uni students: “You have to live passionately, then you’ll get compensate”. Compensate there not only referred to money or any material, but also everything beyond that…happiness in life. And I couldn’t forget the words he said, to Arirang “Heart to Heart” presenter,”If you don’t make a brand new life (to yourself), you’ll regret it sooner or later. So you should start to live, love and work passionately”…then life would be meaningful. You can see him here.

So anyway, it’s Saturday morning and I woke up a bit late to work on my drama summary. However, time went by and I suddenly felt warm. I didn’t even realize that the morning sun had come up high and the rays were filling out my room…I never knew that my room could be so bright before.

my bright study area

Woahh it’s a very nice morning!

But I gotta be hurry because i’m attending another “party” with my best buddies (I use the word buddies because I don’t think girly words suit these “wonder” girls)… 🙂


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