A Get-Well-Soon Nice Surprise

I didn’t expect a “get well soon” card inside that shocking green envelop. I didn’t even expect any present yet. It’s still a little too early for my birthday. But when I got into my room this evening, that yellow parcel was already on my bed. A pair of Lock&Lock containers gave me a clue of the sender. And as soon as I opened the card, I was sure it’s from my best friend.

the parcel

The card was cutely childish, no handwriting inside or even a single signature, but it touched me in a very surprising way. My first reaction on the card was of course a big laugh. But the fact that she chose “A simple wish for a speedy recovery” rather than other sweet greetings was telling me that she really is my best friend. If you grow up together with your friend, you’ll really come to the stage where things are always readable and understood without speaking them out. Even for things that are covered very neatly beneath the fine surface.

the card


고맙다  친구야…많이 행복해 😉




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