Back to Bayah on my Birthday

Could you spot any other human other than us on that beach? We couldn’t. The beach was ours, definitely. The little orange hut with a vendor had already far behind there, so we didn’t really count her. We were at Sawarna, Bayah, January 22-23 2011…just a day after my birthday.

Sawarna - Bayah

Except for the exhausting track to get there (took the Pelabuhan Ratu roller-coaster-like hilly route), everything was just like what I had in mind. A peaceful beach with a white and clean sands and beautiful ocean…..I’m definitely at home.

It was actually quite embarassing for me to admit being the first time in Sawarna since Bayah is my hometown and I went there every year when I was a kid. But that time, the access road was very very awful that it’s not a track for a kid. And as we grew up and my grandparents settled in northern part of Banten, the other hometown of Cipeucang, we rarely went there. The last time I visited Bayah was when I was still in senior year of highschool. So it was more than great to be back there again and found the beaches still as beautiful as I’ve always memorised them.

The smell of the sticky humid air, the heat of the sun, and the sound of the frightening waves……they’re all still the same.

I went there with four of my best friends. They’re rock as usual! 😀 I was so afraid that they found the beaches not worth it the hard journey. But I was glad when I saw them had a lot of fun there. Ms. B could enjoyed her escape from crazy work, Ms. C could shoot lots of beautiful photo objects, Ms. D could draw 2 pretty in color-sketches, Ms. M could have lots of pictures of herself…..and me, I enjoyed almost everything, except for the dog tailing us. But thank God the dog was calm and stayed still at his place in the end…

We're at Sawarna - Bayah

Ms. B, “I want to write B love (with a love shape -red) D on the sand. M, take a picture of it would ya?”
Ms. M, “Sure!”

Another beach near Sukahujan - Bayah

The morning we had to go back to Jakarta. We decided to take the Banten route. We found many interesting spots between Bayah and Malingping. The sceneries were awsome! We stopped several times to capture the sceneries.

the sand hill and blue sky

the clear and clean seawater

the dancing clouds

the rock and the wave

And there was one breathtaking scenery which for me so far…nothing [Bau-Bau has its own charm 😉 ] compares to this:

the most beautiful scenery ever - earthly paradise

Everyone, please have a visit to Bayah….but please, keep the beautiful beaches clean.

Save our sanity (Ehh?? not save our earth?)… I mean, good place is good for soothing the troubled minds right? 😀


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