Social Life

I don’t really know what kind of stars I was born under, but an article (i forgot the link) said that people who are born on January 21st has a very social concern, but “suffer” from social life problem. This kind of people always feel that he/she never really fits in any social group. It’s a kind of phsycological issue that this kind of people thinks he/she is too complicated to blend with others. It’s not an arrogant thought, but more about (low) self esteem and complicated point of view. That article actually pretty much opened my eyes about how can I be what I’ve always been.

I don’t have many people I can really call as friends. Just two to three social groups. But all of them are people I’ve known for years. and you know what, this complicated mind still sometimes makes me think, “Am I really part of them?” “How could they keep me in all these times?” “Am I really their friend?”

Please, friends, don’t misunderstand my writing here. I’m sincerely your friend. It’s just I thought I had a little “mental problem” by having those complicated minds related to my social life. But it turned out that it’s just my nature. I was born this way. So don’t blame me. Blame on the stars?

Anyway, what I really want to say here is I’m so grateful to have my friends! I don’t care about the numbers, because I think the most important thing is I always have some people I can share my cheers and my tears with, pick up my phone whenever I have the “911 friends-needed”, scolded me for my stupidity, call me weirdo when I speak about things they don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, and pull me up when I am down.

And still in the series of my birthday event, this afternoon I hung out with the darls. we’re highschool darls. Actually it’s been awhile I haven’t met them, so it’s kind of excited. Recently I deactivated my facebook, and they made me realized how many important information I have missed. Seemed like I’ve just got down from a long contemplation on the top of the mountain. God…technology and social network really do change human’s life.

Anyway, they gave me this:

my new watch

Oh, they just know me so well 😀

And after having lunch we went to the theatre to watch “Burlesque”.

Oh I love this movie! it’s not boring like “9”, or cheesy like “highschool musical”. It’s elegant and entertaining. It makes you want to get up your seat and dance along. Christina Aguilerra’s voice is very amazing. And Cher…….God, how could she still so perfect on that age? And her voice…Ooh, it’s still great. This movie is a kind of beautifully erotic (that’s weird to say) but it’s not erotic. It’s art. I dont know if you get what I mean, but if you watch it I think you’ll get the idea. And Fergie’s husband, the CSI man –i don’t know his name– yeah his sexy, hahaha. But my favourite character there is the gay guy. He’s funny and a straight forward character. One thing I wondered till the very last scene: Where’s Jack’s song?




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