Turning 25, ouugh!

I’ve never faced January as nervous as I was this year. I was turning 25 on January 21st. Facing the early twenty something was exciting, but turning 25, a quarter century my friends said, means a lot. The pressure was different, yeahhh.

My parents were away in Singapore on my birthday, so it’s very quite in the morning… I woke up, did the morning prayer, and read the holy Quran. Ar Rahman (the Gracious), the surah where God reminds human and all His creations that His love, grace and mercy is very very great so that we, the creations, had no excuse to feel sad or disgrateful. I know that we’re not allowed to have favourite surah in Quran because each of them is as great as each other. But I don’t know…I always find this surah gives me a certain deep meaning. I think what i really want to say is this surah always reminds me of how bad as a human I have been. So I thought it’d be good for me to read this surah in the first morning I turned 25.

I couldn’t stop thanking Allah SWT for everything…

A friend once asked me, “How does it feel being 25?” Well, many of my friends asked me that question. Before the trip I still don’t know how it really feels being 25. But after the trip…after a short contemplation…I realized one thing: Being 25 is Challenging! …..I’m leaving the meaning for my friends and myself.

Anyway, the beautiful girls gave me this bag as my birthday present. Thanks gals!

my new bag

Anyway, yesterday we’re having family lunch out for my birthday. It’s a bit late, but nothing is ever too late. It felt really relieving when I found my dad didn’t nag me about “when are you gonna have a relationship with a man and get married?” like he did last year. Hohoho…I think my parents now are very understanding. Thanks mom, dad, and all lovely siblings!


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